What Searle’s famous thought experiment proves, and what it doesn’t.

In 1980, the philosopher John Searle published a now-famous thought experiment called The Chinese Room, and nearly forty years later it is still considered by some to provide an insuperable refutation of the idea of strong artificial intelligence. Here is how Searle restated the thought experiment in 1999:

“Imagine a…

The first four rounds suggest everything is going to plan

Game Four of the FIDE World Chess Championship is in the books, with yet another draw. But after four draws, and with Carlsen and challenger Ian Nepomniatchi tied at two points apiece, I feel fairly confident predicting that Carlsen will successfully defend his title.

That may sound like an easy…

Dustin Arand

Lawyer turned stay-at-home dad turned history teacher. I write about law, philosophy, and culture, and am the author of the 2015 book “Truth Evolves”.

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